Posidonia 2020

26 Oct 2020

The Posidonia 2020 Initiative  is designed  to  bring  together  the  best  Greek  emerging  start-ups  and  SMEs  in  the  Blue  Economy  with  entrepreneurs,  investors  and  industry  decision-makers. It is considered the ‘Emerging Maritime Start-ups in Greece’ event, organised by Blue Growth at  the  Posidonia  venue.  Its  objective  is  to  generate  concrete  business  opportunities  and  visibility  of  business  ideas  bringing  innovation  and  digitalisation  to  the Blue Economy. Mature tech start-ups will pitch their projects in the field of shipping, energy and the yachting industry. The start-ups will present next-generation technologies and services and will have the opportunity to develop their network during the event, as the aim is to bring them in touch with potential partners and investors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tt was decided to postpone Posidonia 2020 from the 1st to 5th June 2020 to the 26th to 30th October 2020 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, together with all related Posidonia sports events and conferences. https://posidonia-events.com/