Blue Economy in the Mediterranean

08 Jan 2020

The policy paper "Blue Economy in the Mediterranean" sets forward a list of objectives and actions for promoting Blue Economy in the
Mediterranean, based on the technical and policy results of the Blue Growth Community projects - iBlue, MAESTRALE, PELAGOS, PROteuS, 4Helix+, MISTRAL. Specific policy recommendations for the three focal sectors are developed, namely yachting, marine renewable energy and maritime surveillance.

Concerning the yachting sector the following recommendations outstand in the policy paper: National and European authorities should engage with stakeholders in a bottom-up  dynamics to co-develop a new governance approach to yachting in the Mediterranean region,

  •  harmonization of regulatory frameworks and licensing procedures among countries, related in particular to on-board staff employment, training regulations, skippers’ licenses, health and safety at work, regulations on chemical hazards standards
  •  development of digital tools to ease and shorten administrative procedures.

National and European authorities could also help enhancing environmental sustainability of thesector, by promoting:

  •  circular economy and end-of-life recycling of boats
  •  renewable energy use in ports and research on clean propulsion boats
  •  best practices for preventing water pollution by yachts
  •  ICZM (e.g. by including plans for marinas development in ICZM context) and MSP (e.g. including zoning for yachting in marine plans, with particular attention to marine protected areas).

Authorities responsible for economic development, business support organizations, chambers of commerce could help increase in competitiveness of the sector by:

  •  stimulating Business Model innovation
  •  promoting close-to-market innovation, including "smart marinas" (adopting innovative technologies, offering e-services and contributing to sea monitoring)
  •  providing funding and financial opportunities
  •  creating educational pathways for qualifications and professions in the recreational boating ndustry.

Public awareness should be raised on:

  •  how the sector can contribute to sustainable Blue Growth (economy and job creation)
  •  potentiality to increase environmental sustainability (e.g. renewable energies in marinas, reduction of waste and wastewaters discharge, recycling of boats, etc.).

Authorities responsible for regional cooperation in the Mediterranean can help strengthen cooperation and development:

  •  supporting the creation of a permanent yachting cluster of the Mediterranean
  •  taking stock and encouraging the transferability, dissemination, and integration of project results into the works of intergovernmental organizations (e.g. Union for the Mediterranean) or  transnational projects (PANORAMED), and within the development of sea-basin and macroregional strategies in the Mediterranean (WestMED, ADRION),  towards a global and sustainable strategy for sustainable yachting in the whole basin.

For more information you can download the policy paper.