03 Jun 2020

The Greek Government gives the green light to shipowners for the re-opening of the professional yachts business. The Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) 32909 / 20 (Government Gazette-2028 Β / 28-5-20): “Protection measures on private and professional leisure boats, as well as on professional tourist ferries all around Greece, to limit the spread of COVID- 19” boosts the morale of shipowners and skippers, as it allows the sailing of private and professional leisure boats within Greek territory regardless of their flag. They should follow a protocol of hosting up to 12 passengers and keeping a minimum distance of one and a half (1.5) meters between the passengers. In case of violation of the provisions included in the JMD, administrative fines are imposed by the competent authority: 150 euros to passengers and crew members and 1000 euros to the skippers.