Medskippers' Activities Contribute to Address Historical Legal Gap in Non-EU Countries!

23 Dec 2020

Project partner IMFMM organised a Focus Group activity on 6 November at the Tunisian Navigation Company HQ (CTN), with the participation of represenatives from the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, the Minsitry of Tourism, the Tunisian Maritime Cluster, the Mediterranean Training Institute for Maritime Professions and the Tunisian Sailing Federation, among others. 

Tunisia has a new ministry of Maritime affairs for the first time in history, and the IMFMM is working hard to launch the recreational skipper licenses (captain 100) in the following days/weeks. 

This is a significant milestone as it is the first time that a non-EU country is working to regulate skipper licenses for boats under 200GT (a topic completely new in Tunisia), and to solve this historic legal gap in the Mediterranean which is being addressed thanks to Medskippers!