The stakeholder community welcomes MedSkippers at Salon Nautico de Barcelona.

14 Oct 2019

An updated vision of the charter sector in the Mediterranean, the possibility to meet and present the MedSkippers project to relevant stakeholders in the nautical tourism industry such as the European Boating Industry (EBI), the "Asociación Nacional de Empresas Náuticas" (ANEN) and the "Asociación Nacional de Patrones Profesionales de Embarcaciones de Recreo" (ANPPER), as well as the participation at the round table about the challenges of the charter sector in Spain were the main outcomes of the Salon Nautico for MedSkippers.

From a project´s perspective, the highlights of the Salon Nautico were the report on the charter industry in the Mediterranean made by the charter agency NAUTAL and the workshop on charter organised by ANEN. According to Octavi Uyà, CEO at Nautal, the skippered charters represent about the 30% of the business, which enhances the importance of the skipper community in the tourism industry. Roger Llovet, COO at Nautal, also indicated that the importance of the skippers is even higher than the boat when it turns to offer a good experience to the nautical tourists. In both sessions the stakeholders community welcomed the MedSkippers project and suggested to establish a fluent collaboration and dialogue with the project.

The MedSkippers project agreed to follow up and explore further collaborations with the EBI, ANEN and ANPPER with the ultimate goal of enabling professional skippers of small commercial vessels to find a fruitful professional career in the Mediterranean.