MedSkippers focus group in Mallorca: A success

18 Nov 2019

The Provincial Association of Companies Engaged in Maritime Activities (APEAM) hosted the focus group organised by the MedSkippers project in Spain. Relevant stakeholders such as the representative of the charter sector in the Balearic Islands (APEAM), the president of the Spanish national Association of professional skippers of small commercial vessels (ANPPER), the general secretary of the Spanish Association of Super Yachts (AEGY), a representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, the regional Government of the Balearic Islands, the Captain of the Maritime authority in the Balearic Islands, representatives of sailing schools (Escuela del Mar and Sea Teach) and Pantaenius, a relevant insurance company in the nautical sector, attended the event.

The meeting was facilitated by Dalula Marine, the project coordinator, and during nearly five hours all the participants had the chance to exchange impression about the skipper qualifications in Spain, the needs of the charter sector in terms of skipper skills, skippers employability, the homogenisation of skippers training at EU level and the recognition of the skipper´s licenses among EU member states. All the attendants agreed the recognition of skipper´s licenses among EU member states aiming to increase skipper´s mobility would be very positive for the nautical tourism, specially for the charter sector, and suggested different approaches in order to solve this shortcoming.  

A summary of the focus groups and general conclusions will be presented by MedSkippers in the following weeks. Stay tunned!