A Mediterranean charter industry that offers both a high qaulity nautical product and a tailor-made experience, while ensuring environmental sustainability.


Approach the Mediterranean to international tourists by the hand of highly qualified professional skippers.

MedSkippers at a glance

Project Title: Professional Skippers in the Mediterranean
Call for proposals: Sustainable Blue Economy.
Strand: Blue Networks in the Mediterranean
Total Budget: 624,887€ EC Contribution: 499,910€
Duration: 1 December 2018 - 30 November 2021 (36 months)
Coordinator: Dalula Marine SL (Spain)
Consortium: 6 partners from 4 countries.

Project Aims & Objectives

The overall aim of the MedSkippers project is to create sustainable professional networks across the Mediterranean Sea, to improve training and recognition of professional skippers of Small Commercial Vessels (SCV) with the ultimate goal of boosting charter and nautical tourism, a mature and continuously growing sub-sector, further using it as a vehicle to attract youth towards maritime professions in support of the EU’s Blue Growth policy.

The project will seek stakeholders’ opinions and knowledge in order to identify market gaps and to improve public-private cooperation and training harmonisation, also fostering international license recognition, trainee and professional mobility, and effective collaboration across training and nautical tourism stakeholders at sea basin level. It will update and expand core skills, defining international training programmes and modular standards, mainstreaming ocean literacy to improve environmental sustainability, and promoting complementary skills to reduce employment seasonality for skippers, improve long-term careers and enrich tourist experiences.

MedSkippers will raise awareness on challenges and opportunities, and build capacity across the Mediterranean, especially in non-EU countries, to foster sectoral growth and encourage youth to choose a maritime profession, presenting the positive prospects for versatile and life-long vocational careers.


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